The line to Poznan

The line to Poznan was opened in 1898 as far as Grodzisk Wielkopolski. The connection to Poznan was via the now closed line to Opalenica, which is situated on the main Warsaw to Berlin line.

The line currently has two scheduled steam hauled trains each day.
On leaving Wolsztyn, the line climbs up an embankment, curving gently left, before crossing a flying bridge at Adamowo, which takes it over the line to Leszno (and the closed line to Konotop / Nowy Sol). The landscape is mainly agricultural. The first stop on the line is Tloki. The station building is quite isolated. After leaving Tloki, the line bears north, crossing the main Wolsztyn - Poznan road on the level, before bearing east and into Rostarzewo. The village features a beautiful townhall situated in the middle of a roundabout on the main road.

On leaving Rostarzewo, the line runs parallel to the road and into the town of Rakoniewice. Rakoniewice has to be one of the most picturesque station buildings in Poland.

Drzymalowo is the next halt, little more than a platform in the middle of a forest. The village itself is situated a fair distance from the station which bears the name. After passing under a bridge, the line bursts out to again cross the main Wolsztyn - Poznan road, and continues its course north-east towards Grodzisk, passing through the derelict (but open) station at Ruchocice, and the closed (but well maintained) station at Mlyniewo.

As the line approaches Grodzisk, it turns through 90 degrees, and is joined by the closed line from Koscian, which runs in on the right hand side.

On leaving Grodzisk, the now closed line to Opalenica runs off from the left hand side. The line to Poznan turns through a 180 degree horseshoe bend still continuing its journey east. The line runs parallel to the road, albeit a few hundred metres back, as it passes through Ptaszkowo, and Granowo.

About 4km east of Granowo, the line crosses the road for the final time, at an ungated crossing, before heading north-east, through Strykowo, and into Steszew.

As the line leaves Steszew, perched high on an embankment, it passes several lakes (large ponds), before passing through the villages of Trzebaw, and Szreniawa.

At Szreniawa, the line parts company with the road, heading east, through Wiry, to meet the main Wroclaw - Poznan line just south of Lubon. The flying bridge over the main line has been a source of problems over recent years, with a mandatory speed limit due to its condition. Happily, this was replaced with a new structure during July 2009.

The line continues under the wires, before reaching Poznan Glowny station, approximately 2 hours, and 50 miles (81km) after leaving Wolsztyn.

A major refurbishment of the line is currently being planned. During the works, scheduled to take place in 2011, the line will be closed to traffic.

Ol49 at night, March 2008 Ol at night, Wolsztyn, March 2008 Ol at night, Wolsztyn, March 2008
Ol49-69, Wolsztyn, March 2009 Ol49-69 from Adamowo Ol49-69 leaving Wolsztyn, March 2009
Ol49-69, Ptaszkowo Ol49-69 leaving Ptaszkowo Ol49-69 near Granowo
Ol49-69 leaving Wolsztyn Ol49-59 leaving Wolsztyn Ol49-59, Wolsztyn